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Why Carry Your Child?

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

It feels good to carry your baby and your bigger kids too. At least it does with a well fitted, supportive carrier. Most of us love a good cuddle! It lowers stress levels and has a whole host of physical and emotional benefits for you both,

Here's some ways babywearing can help your baby to develop well...

💕 The close contact when carrying in a sling boosts Oxytocin levels for you both. Oxytocin is the hormone that many call the love hormone.

🤱This oxytocin boost could help you to reach your breast/chest feeding goals. Oxytocin is like the milk delivery service for your baby (it stimulates the 'let down')

💕It can help you keep symptoms of postnatal depression at bay. It can even lessen the effects of postnatal depression on your baby by allowing them to feel connected to you even when you're feeling less able to interact with them.

🧠Brains love Oxytocin! You'll be helping your child's brain to develop and make lots of the right connections.

💪It's wonderfully gentle way to re-build your strength and fitness after birth. They get slightly heavier every day and you get a little stronger each day too!

💕Your baby gets a workout too! In a carrier, they're engaging their muscles in a way that they just wouldn't in a pram or babyseat.

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